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The One Laptop Per Child association aims to develop a $100 laptop for the education of the world's poorest children. One of the main media available on these laptops will be web pages, which implies that users will be able to access web-based CALL applications. IZI - easy tool for feedback is a web-based CALL application for the provision of corrective feedback by language teachers. Teachers and second language learners can use this application without having to install anything on their computers. A series of tools is proposed to handle repetitive, time- and energy-consuming tasks.

IZI - easy tool for feedback will be installed on a server and accessible via a URL. The user, i.e. the teacher or the second language learner, can access IZI from any computer that has WLAN or LAN access if the application is installed on a local server, e.g. the teacher's computer.

In IZI, teachers can create, modify or delete assignments, correct electronic submissions and send them back to learners. If the assignment is not marked as completed by the teacher after the first feedback provided, the learner must rework the initial production and submit it again for a second review, which gives teachers the assurance that their corrections will be considered.

Learners easily locate the highlighted errors. Error comments however will only be accessible by rolling over or double-clicking on the selection depending on the type of feedback required, which allows learners to decide whether they want immediate help.

Three levels of meta-linguistic feedback have been inserted in this application. The first level, called "light feedback", offers learners little information, i.e. only the type of error made; the second level, "medium feedback", returns not only the type of error but also an additional comment automatically attached to the selection; finally the third level, "heavy feedback", provides learners with not only the type of error and a more detailed description of the error, but also any extra personalised explanations the teacher thinks are relevant for the rework.

The basic requirements for setting up IZI are a system running a web server (we recommend Apache Web Server software), Perl, and MySQL (minimum version 4.1.16).

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IZI uses advanced Javascripts that are not well supported by all browsers. The application will perfectly run with Firefox from version 1.0.7 so we recommend you to install the latest version.
Firefox is an open source software under the Mozilla Public License. This means that the software is available for download free of charge.


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