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 Second Language Teaching and Learning with Technology
 Editors: Sylvie Thouësny and Linda Bradley

Reviewers' final decisions to authors: February 15, 2011

 In the broadest sense of the term, technology implies everything starting from a calculator to any project in Second Life. Technology and specifically online technology, through the use of numerous tools and applications, help students engage in learning activities and collaborative projects. At the present time, existing literature frequently highlights the use of technology as rewarding for both learners and teachers in L2 classrooms. Yet, there are issues to consider. Although technology has become embedded in our everyday life, researchers and practitioners must find a way to incorporate technology in education with the purpose of promoting learning. Our aim is to present innovative applications of technology in second language teaching and learning, and to explore the transformation of the different techniques to different theoretical frameworks.

 We are proposing an edited peer reviewed eBook focusing on second language teaching and learning preferably using online technology. Online technology here refers to web-based computer applications and Internet technology in all its forms, including, but not limited to for instance:

   bullet Social networks
bullet Videoconferencing
bullet Shared online video
bullet Virtual worlds
bullet Web 2.0 technologies (podcasting, wikis, blogs, etc.)

 It is hoped that the eBook will contain selected papers from a great variety of countries. Targeted to young researchers, having just completed –or nearly completed– their PhD, the eBook, provisionally titled "Second Language Teaching and Learning with Technology", will sample studies being conducted within this trend of research. Published in English, the eBook will be digital rights management free and accessible online free of charge.

 If you are a young researcher, we would like to invite you contribute to this eBook. Please send a 500-word abstract to by the 31st of March 2010, along with your name, affiliation and email address. The abstract should be submitted electronically as either a Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) file. Abstracts and manuscripts will be peer reviewed to ensure that the articles to be published represent the best scholarship currently available.

 Both editors' interests are related to second language teaching and learning using technology. Sylvie Thouësny is a PhD student at Dublin City University, Ireland, nearly at the completion stage of her thesis. She has presented parts of her work in international and European conferences such as CALICO and EUROCALL, and has articles under review, one paper and one selected chapter, as well as one article in-press. She has also participated in the review of one CALICO special issue on "the Automatic Analysis of Learner Language". Linda Bradley is a PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. She has presented her work on online writing environments such as wikis in language learning at CALICO and EUROCALL as well as in other international and European educational resesarch and writing conferences, such as ECER and EATAW. Presently, she has articles under review, two of them being in-press.

 Reading Committee:
   bullet Dr. Françoise Blin, Dublin City University, Ireland
bullet Linda Bradley, University of Technology, Sweden
bullet Dr. Ana Gimeno, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
bullet Graham Davies, Emeritus Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning
bullet Dr. Agnes Kukulska Hulme, The Open University, UK
bullet Dr. Meei-Ling Liaw, National Taichung University, Taiwan
bullet Dr. Hans Paulussen, K.U. Leuven Campus Kortrijk, Belgium
bullet Dr. Peppi Taalas, University of Jyvaskylä, Finland
bullet Sylvie Thouësny, Dublin City University, Ireland
bullet Dr. Monica Ward, Dublin City University, Ireland

  Deadlines and important dates:
   bullet Submission of Abstracts: April 10, 2010
bullet Decisions to authors: May 31, 2010
bullet Manuscript file due (chapter draft): August 31, 2010
bullet Reviewers' comments to authors: November 1, 2010
bullet Manuscript file due (final draft): December 31, 2010
bullet Reviewers' final decisions to authors: February 15, 2011
bullet Uncorrected proofs: April 15, 2011
bullet Corrected proofs: May 15, 2011
bullet Expected date for publication: June 15, 2011

 Any questions on the eBook project? You are more than welcome to contact us at

 We look forward to hearing from you!
Sylvie and Linda

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